Mountain Community Garden: Plots for the people

3:35 pm May 6th, 2013

Contributing writer
Are you someone who loves all things green? Have you always wanted to grow your own vegetables, fruits, flowers, and herbs? Then here is your opportunity.
The Mountain Community Garden in Eatonville is in its second year and is growing at a phenomenal rate. The garden has been developed (starting last May) on an acre of land at 307 Center St E. The aim of the community garden is to provide space for any and all who wish to grow their own vegetables with healthy, organic gardening practices. It is also a chance to contribute to the Eatonville Food Bank, since a portion of the plowed land and some of the plots are grown specifically for the “Share the Harvest” concept. 
The garden is open to all in the greater mountain community region. The idea for it arose from one of the goals of Mountain Community Co-op as it spreads the word of organic food and healthy living. There is special feeling to be able to eat a salad that you planted the seeds for and grew yourself.
The land for the garden is “rented” for $1 a year through the generosity of Richard (Dick) Christiansen.
Last year, the garden had only eight raised beds and a small common area available for use. This year, with the help of local Eagle Scouts, it has an additional 28 raised beds, all ready to lease. Last year, the garden donated over 230 pounds of produce to the local food bank, and this year then goal is double or triple that amount.
The garden has a common in-ground area for growing tall and sprawling plants, as well as a designated area for growing for the food bank, which is maintained by the garden participants. There also are knowledgeable  folks to call on to help you grow your perfect organic garden.
Plans for the garden include a children’s section and some raised beds for handicapped accessibility. Already developed is a composting area, which will demonstrate composting techniques and provide compost for gardeners.
More information is available at, 360-832-3868 and www. mountaincommunity

Mountain Community Garden has raised beds that green thumbs can rent to grow vegetables and flowers. (Jim Bryant/The Dispatch)

Mountain Community Garden has raised beds that green thumbs can rent to grow vegetables and flowers. (Jim Bryant/The Dispatch)

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