Forum: Here we go again with gas prices

3:14 pm August 30th, 2012

About three or four weeks ago, there was a fire at a refinery in California. They never said how bad or big it was, or as to the amount of damage. But the very next day, gas and diesel went up about a nickel a gallon. The next week, it went up 10 cents. At my local store, when this so-called huge fire struck, I was paying $3.85 a gallon for diese and now a month later it’s $4.59.

My question is do we even get any of our fuel for our cars and trucks from California?

Another thought is when a barrel of oil goes through the refinery, how long is it before it reaches the local pump?

I just got a news flash that everyone be prepared, because now the next big gas price hike is because the corn in the midwest is not a good crop. So here we go again.

Richard Mothershead


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